Services Overview

Best Overall Value

SST excels at the difficult, enjoys challenges, and exceeds customer expectations. SST has the technical and managerial experience and financial strength needed to handle any project of any size. Our technical and managerial expertise is matched only by our ability to consistently provide superior results. Our professional staff is a blend of trainers, scientists, engineers, technician's, facility experts, and business professionals that cohesively come together to satisfy the simplest to the most stringent needs of our government and commercial customers. Below are some of the many SST benefits that make us a solid choice for any project.

  • Proven Cost, Schedule and Technical Performance
  • Automated Program and Contract Managment
  • On-Line, Web Enabled Recruiting Tools
  • Proven Transition Implementation Plans
  • Premium Employee Benefit Packages
  • Solid Reputation
  • Competitive Rates
  • “Never Give Up, Can Do” Attitude


  • Facility Support Services


      SST has the expertise and supply chain relationships that keep your mission on track. We don't just push supplies out the door; we create turnkey procurement, transportation, delivery, installation and sustainment infrastructures. Our Logistic services are controlled through advanced management, software and systems developed by a mission-focused workforce of supply-chain professionals.


      SST's integrated solutions optimize the sustainment of your systems, including logistics and technical support, procurement, equipment maintenance as well as inventory management and distribution.


      Facilities Operations

      SST understands the importance of a well-run facilities maintenance and management program. Our experience has shown that there can be considerable cost savings exposed in most customer facilities organizations. SST finds these savings for you by providing industry leading experts, utilizing proven facilities technology and implementing industry best practices and solutions while developing and maintaining a close partnership.


      SST's full service Facility Operations program provides world-class, cost effective solutions while maintaining the highest levels of service and satisfaction.


  • Technical Services

      Professional Services

      SST is a proven leader in Professional services, offering services across a multitude of disciplines. Our services include executive administration, program management, strategic planning, medical administrative services, manpower and personnel support, planning and implementation, budget and financial management, recruiting services, and instructional curriculum development


      Scientific Services

      SST’s experienced scientific staff provides assistance in developing scientific papers, preparing scientific reports and presentations, providing scientific statistical analysis and support of medical research, facilitating research discussion groups and panels, liaising between scientists and other organizational departments; and manage research portfolios.


      SST also provides staff augmentation such as scientists, statisticians, biologists, data mining and retrieval experts, medical support staff and research technicians.


      Technical Support Services

      SST excels in fulfilling customer operational needs and requirements in various technical domains. We provide diverse, robust and scalable solutions to meet our customers diverse needs. Some of our wide range of services include, initial outfitting and transitioning services, information technology and communications support, range support, test & evaluation, technicians, lab support, call/contact centers and equipment planning, procurement and installation.


  • Training Services

      Technical Training
      SST provides developmental capabilities in the area of software, manuals, and training programs. We provided VTC training as well as on-site and classroom settings. Online development and sustainment for cost effective training solutions are options and are tailored to each customer's needs.

      Training Requirements
      Are you receiving the required training? Does your training meet DoD regulations and Standards? With SST certified employees and the level of detail and excellence we provide our customers know SST is providing the level of standards required to meet all regulations. All equipment is state of the art with certifications and maintenance that provides for a trained client ready to serve in the most effective manor with the most state of the art technologies.


      SST can fulfill from the simplest to the most complex requirements all while maintaining the highest technological standards and minimizing costs